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Amethyst Tears

Book 2 in the Luminescence Trilogy

From the moment Brianna Rafferty found out she was a witch, she knew even by supernatural standards, she was different. Although she had answers, there was still one burning question: Am I good or bad?


To top it off, Lukas is alive. In the flesh, and he is as dreamy as ever. Problem is, Brianna can’t figure out the words to tell Gavin. When the two actually meet, it’s a freaking disaster. Fists flying. Magic swirling. Tempers flaring.


Ugh. Boys.


Being destined to become some kind of super witch isn’t exactly awesomesauce. The more Brianna uses her magic, the more trouble seems to find her—buckets of it. Turns out her magic might be more dangerous than anyone bargained for.



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