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Eternity of Darkness ebook.jpg
Divisa Huntress Book Three


Ashor Clave, the Prince of Darkness, is racking up the titles. His newest acquisition—the King of Envy. What does that mean for Lexi Winters, his mate?

A queen? Who would have thought? Surely not the girl from the small town of Spring Valley.

But the fight is far from over. The battle of crowns has only just begun, and as the stakes deepen, so do Lexi’s feelings for Ashor. She came to Hell for a purpose—to get her mate out—and Lexi will tear the underworld apart for him. She will rip it down, stone by stone, until the only thing left standing in the darkness is her. She lost all hope of love until Ashor, and now she will do anything to protect him. Even overthrow his mother and take her throne.

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