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Divisa Huntress Book One


When the struggle between love and vengeance becomes a deadly battleground, is there any hope for salvation?


Lexi Winters’ world is falling apart. Damaged. Scarred. And Vengeful. Retaliation consumes her heart. Night and day, all she can think about is exacting her retribution for Colin’s death, the boy she once loved. Her guilt and resentment fuel her choices to hunt.


Fate has other plans.


The Wild Hunt is underway, and Ashor Clave has one job, collect as many human souls as possible in a single night. Not such a bad gig for the son of a powerful demon, that is until he runs into unexpected trouble—a small but feisty package.


Chaos reigns.


When love mixes with vengeance, Lexi knows she is teetering on a dangerous thread. Ashor is the very thing she swore to kill, but then why is her heart getting in the way of what she vowed to do?


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