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First Shift.jpg
Book #1 in The Nine Tails Series


Something wicked is shifting in Seattle.


Karina Lang has enough on her mind dealing with college applications, her mother’s ailing health, and busting her butt after school at the café she works at. With all that is going on the last thing she needs in her busy schedule is to be mugged by a band of thugs before work.


Her destiny is more important than she could ever imagine.


Out of the shadows, a mysterious stranger emerges—her rescuer. Coincidence? Not for him. Devyn St. Cyr reveals a startling truth about Karina—she is a Kitsune—a fox shifter, and she must befriend him to gain the answers she needs. However, uncovering the secret of her heritage threatens more than just her worldview, but also her life. Regardless of her feelings for the dreamy, steamy Devyn, Karina finds herself on unsure footing with him and a hot target for every ambitious otherworldly creature.


Falling in love won’t keep her alive.


As she struggles with her rare gift, Devyn supports her, protects her, and challenges her. But in order for Karina to survive, she must do what no other Kitsune in a century has accomplished: acquire nine tails.


Fans of Twilight, A Shade of Vampire, and Fallen will fall in love with First Shift.


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