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Flame Shift.jpg
Book #3 in The Nine Tails Series

Can she find the strength to say goodbye?

Karina Lang hasn’t been feeling like herself lately. And who can blame her? Life hasn’t been easy the last few months, and it is only going to get rougher. As a royal Kitsune, Karina must gain nine tails in order to save a world she’s never seen.

But Karina is dragging her feet.

She knows that she must leave her home. It’s the only way to protect those close to her and keep her secret, but leaving behind everything you know and love is sometimes harder than fighting evil.

And her heart is breaking.

Devyn St. Cyr would do anything to keep Karina safe. After all, it’s what he was born to do. A new fae pops up in town who claims to want to help Karina, but Devyn is leery of the pink-haired minx. Friend or foe, this newcomer is causing havoc for the Kitsune and her Shaman. Karina’s procrastination might cost her more than she can afford.

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