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Forsaken ebook.jpg
Book #3 in The Beauty Never Dies Chronicles

A power-hungry father, terrible secrets, and laiders await you.

Back at the Institute, Dash and Charlotte wonder if they have made the right choice in returning to Diamond Towers. Toxic zombies, called the Forsaken, emerge out of the mist. And Charlotte’s powers are on the fritz. Charlotte knows evil walks with them in the new world, and she’s ready to take action. With Dash by her side, no one stands a chance.


But learning humans can be as malevolent as the monsters in the Heights makes Charlotte question everything.


The only way they can protect their future is to destroy the Institute brick by white brick. It will take more than mere strength and an act of God. It will take trust and a kind of love that is not easily broken.


A change of power needs to happen. A war is on their doorstep. And it is up to the Slayer and the girl with rainbow eyes to fight it.


The gleaming white city must fall.


The conclusion to the series you've been waiting for. Fans of Hunger Games, The 100, and Divergent will fall in love with Forsaken.

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