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Micah was everything
I hated,

but my heart didn't


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Growing up, everyone thought I was in love with my brother’s best friend. They were right. They just had the wrong friend.
Fynn Dupree broke my heart, and he didn’t even know it. Well, as much as a fifteen-year-old girl’s heart could break. The night Fynn rejected me, my entire life changed. I swore I wouldn’t make the same mistakes when it came to love, but his crooked grin and deep-green eyes are always on me—watching me. For one night, I want to know what it’s like to be loved—to be normal.

Ainsley Fischer’s the worst kind of temptation. She’s my sister’s best enna Edwards has always been a part of my life—part of our crew. After years of friendship, I assume the crush she had on me is long gone, but then she asks for my help.
I should turn her away. I should say no. Instead, we strike a deal. A week alone at my beach house, and we’ll both have to deal with the consequences.
Sometimes you don’t realize how important someone is until they're gone.
An Elite enemy resurfaces, and if he thinks he can take Kenna from me, he’s deadwrong.

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