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Hunting Angel ebook.jpg

Hunting Angel

Book 2 in the Divisa Series

Chase Winters is the bane of my existence.


But he is also the lifeline of my heart and soul. Literally.


Things are steaming up between us and between the sheets. When his lips aren’t locked with mine, they were spewing verbal crap. Half the time I didn’t know whether to kiss him or slap him. Our bond is more than just being connected—we are soulbond. The closer we get, the stronger the bond takes hold, and now-a-days it seems we are inseparable.


There is a new addition to our little town, one that has all the Divisa on guard—a hunter has taken up residency. This hunter is not just another threat, not when their identity hit so close to home. Strife divides my neighbor’s household surrounding this supposed enemy. Could they be friend or foe?


Chase’s number one priority in all this as always, is to keep me safe.


Regardless of what Chase thinks, I am not a weak and fragile human. And there is nothing I won’t do to keep Chase from harm. He might drive me up a freaking wall, but he is my pain in the ass. I am not about to sit back and let some hunter fire an arrow through his heart. Not if I can help it.


Then there is the one question that is on everyone’s mind: Will the hunter kill us or save us…

Breaking Emma ebook.jpg

Breaking Emma

Novella 2.5 in the Divisa Series

Emma Deen’s first love had been dancing. Then she met her second love—Travis Winters. He had rocked her world in more than one way. Finding out that your boyfriend was half-demon was a shock of the decade. Finding out that your family had a deep, dark secret….well, that changed everything. What she knew, she learned at the hands of her father.
Dancing was no longer the sole purpose of her life. It was no longer her future. And Travis was no longer the love of her life… He was the enemy.
Emma was many things. A skilled bowman. Trained in martial arts. A hunter.
It had been a year since she had stepped foot in Spring Valley and Emma was an entirely different person. Now that she was back, things were about to get messy and people were going to get hurt.
But could she live with their blood on her hands? Travis’s blood on her hands?


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