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Book #2 in the Nine Tails Series

The fate of two worlds lies in one girl.


Karina Lang was looking forward to her senior year, until Devyn St. Cyr popped into her life, dropping a bombshell. She is a Kitsune—a shape-shifting fox.


Life isn’t always as you expect.


The universe is bigger and more dangerous than Karina could ever imagine. She has royal blood running in her veins, a princess in the Second Moon, and her newfound status puts a gigantic target on her back. With the help of the Shaman born to protect her, Karina must solve the mystery of a Kitsune’s power.


But the time clock is ticking.


The safety of two worlds lies in her fate. Will Karina be able to embrace her newfound heritage and gain her next tail, along with the power that comes with it? Or will those who want her throne prevail?

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