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Book #5 in the Nine Tails Series

Is the Second Moon ready for Karina?


Things are about to get weird in Karina’s life…weirder than normal that is. Karina and Devyn are on the run. No destination in mind. Sleeping in random hotels. And running from a band of faes sent to kill her.


Sounds like a good time. Not.


There was nothing glamorous about Karina’s current situation, except for Devyn St. Cyr. The Shaman born to protect her, but Karina can’t seem to stop thinking about his lips, his eyes, his hands, and how he makes her feel.


The last thing she should be doing is falling in love.


Karina struggles to control her powers. The stronger she gets, the harder it becomes for her. She always knew there would come a time when she would have to travel to the Second Moon, but nothing prepared her for the journey. Snarled in a supernatural war, Karina is on a task to earn her next tail.


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