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Micah was everything
I hated,

but my heart didn't


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Grayson Edwards is my best friend’s brother and so off-limits. There are a hundred reasons why we don’t make sense.
Not my type.
Moody AF.
He’s bad.
During the day, it all seems so clear, but at night…my dreams paint a different picture.
He’s so damn serious, and I don’t care about anything except getting out of Elmwood until I get an unsettling text. The closer I get to Grayson, the more threatening they become.

Ainsley Fischer’s the worst kind of temptation. She’s my sister’s best friend and the complete opposite of the girls I date.
Cute and nerdy.
She’s bad.
I shouldn’t have noticed her, and I could have stayed away if it wasn’t for that stupid kiss. Why the f*ck did I kiss her? But the more that I’m around her, the less I want to fight the urge to possess her.
She might have the key to unlock the chains I keep tight around my heart, but can she handle who I really am?

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