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Lexi Winters thought she’d experienced loss and heartache before, but nothing prepares her for the raw pain at being separated from Ashor Clave—the demon she is soulbound with. Nor does she expect the strange darkness that awakens inside her.


The Queen of Darkness has not given up on her plan to conquer the underworld, an epically bad idea on so many levels. If the queen succeeds, a rift will be created in the barrier between worlds, allowing demons to walk freely. Her first attempt might have been thwarted by Lexi’s escape, but the queen is ancient and patient. She has a bargaining chip—Ashor.


Lexi wants only to save her mate, which involves breaking him out of the underworld, but there are so many complications she never sees coming. Lexi never thought she would ever go back to Hell, but for Ashor, she is willing to risk more than just her life. Because when you are dealing with the queens of Hell, your soul is on the line.

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Lexi Winters’s world is falling apart. After the death of Colin, a boy she once loved, she’s damaged goods. Caught up in a life of college parties and one-night stands, the only thing that keeps her sane is hunting demons. In the dark woods near her hometown of Spring Valley, she seeks to exact revenge on all demons that stand in her way. She knows it’s dangerous to hunt alone, but retaliation consumes her heart.

As the fall equinox approaches, Lexi prepares for the biggest demon hunt of her life. This is the night when the line between the other realms and Earth is the thinnest. Little does she know that the Wild Hunt is underway. The leader of the Hunt, Ashor Clave, has one job: to collect as many human souls as possible in a single night. Not such a bad gig for the son of a powerful demon—that is until he runs into unexpected trouble with a small but feisty Divisa.

When things go awry on the hunt, Lexi is whisked off to a whole new world. Here she must decide which part of herself to be true to—the human or the demon? Swept up in an unexpected love story, she must reconcile her affections with her passion for vengeance. Lexi is teetering on a dangerous line. Ashor is the very thing she swore to kill, but then why is her heart getting in the way of what she vowed to do?

© 2012 by J.L. Weil. All Rights Reserved.


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