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Micah was everything
I hated,

but my heart didn't


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She wasn’t supposed to fall for me, but I should have known the second she walked into my town my life would never be the same. She claimed me. And I wasn’t sure how long I could resist the temptation to make her mine.

Kelsey Summers never wanted to give her heart to Liam Castle, the wolf who’d been promised to her since birth, but the fates had other plans, and she could no longer ignore her feelings now that she’d claimed him as her mate.

Liam Castle would do anything to honor his pack. They’re family, and as their heir prince, their safety is his responsibility. He never expected anyone could mean more to him than duty. And then she turned his life upside down.

Someone in the pack betrayed them, but the person the hunter points the finger at will rock the entire pack if accused. Not to mention what it will do to Liam. Together, Liam and Kelsey will uncover the truth at all costs—even if it means tearing their families apart.

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