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About Jennifer L. Weil (J.L. Weil)


I write teen books that are humorous love stories about spunky, smart-mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations (at least I think they are). For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective guy. Of course, there is lots of kissing. And stuff.


I love books! I love the smell. I like walking into a bookstore. I love the escape it gives me, a chance to get away from the everyday drama and stress of dirty laundry. For a few hours (or all night), it gives me the opportunity to explore other worlds, to laugh, to cry, to feel what the characters are going through.


I am an unashamed Starbucks addict and gamergirl. I love supporting my fellow authors. And when it comes to my readers, I love them to pieces. *cyber hug* You rock my fuzzy socks.


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Official Bio


J.L. Weil is a USA TODAY Bestselling author of teen & new adult paranormal romance, fantasy, and urban fantasy books about spunky, smart-mouth girls who always wind up in dire situations. For every sassy girl, there is an equally mouthwatering, overprotective guy. She lives in Illinois with her family who put up with her Supernatural and Harry Potter fanatics. It's a problem.

You can visit her online at: or come hang out with her at J.L. Weil's Dark Divas on FB.


100 Things I love.


Being in love. My boys. Raspberry Mochas. Twilight. Love Pink. The smell of the Ocean. Dark Chocolate. Books. Being married. Harry Potter. Bad Boys. Candles. The Green Bay Packers. Jensen Ackles (duh!). NKOTB. Punky Brewster. Libraries. The Walking Dead. American Eagle jeggings. Owls. Bonfires. Dancing. Libraries with a Starbucks inside. My cat, Kiki. Romance. Vampire Diaries. Ireland. Christmas. Country music. Movies. Motherhood. The sound of water. Sunsets. Sleep. Going out to dinner. Laughing. Shopping. Moonlight. Sex. Amaretto stone sour. My family. Musicals. My macbook. The stars. Reading. Freebies. Back rubs. Fireplaces. Eyes. Daydreaming. Video games. Singing. Twitter. Decorating. Grill outs. The beach. Swearing. Coco-cola. Writing. Madden shoes. Body piercings. Sightseeing. Pretty Little Liars. Purses. Vacations. Sleeping. Staying up late. Lazy afternoons. A clean house. Bubble baths. Home cooked meals. Trends. Cliches. Nora Roberts. Tattoos. Pink hair. Makeup. Candy Crush. Sparkly things. Hugs. Walt Disney World. My hubby's steak (it was the first meal he ever made me). Kissing and stuff. My little sis. Brantley Gilbert. Wishes. My birthday. Surprises. Blogging. Nevermore. Snapping gum. Thunderstorms. Iced coffee. Donuts. Freckles. Perfume. Organization. Butterflies. Summertime. Sips & Sjin.

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