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What does an ex-military, a vampire, a witch, a phoenix, a fae, and a wolf shifter have in common?
Nothing… other than being handpicked to save the world.
May the Gods save us all.

Catina Whitlow got the shock of her life when she found out she was a witch. Now a student of the Supernatural Taskforce Academy, she is once again forced to find her place among strangers, and to adapt to this new reality of magic and mayhem. The stakes become higher than life, when she’s destined to save the world among other incredible beings. But how can she be the savior they need, if she struggles to balance the raw power consuming her?

Not to mention, no one even gave her a choice… Is this what she wants for her life?

Kyro Cox, has been many things—car thief, scoundrel, troublemaker, tease… unwanted—but never, NEVER, a hero. After a group of supes pulled him from a sweet heist that promised a warm place for the night—thrusting him into a battle of good vs evil—his whole life flashed before his eyes. Even the deadly flames that haunt him since he was a child, and he’s asked to be just that, a hero. Yet, in order to help humanity, he must embrace the fire that destroyed him… and brought him back to life.

There is only one person who might give him the strength to embrace this messed-up fate, the question is, can she overcome what he is?

Can Karina survive the Second Moon?

Now under her Uncle’s home, Karina finds herself alone and unsure of who she can trust. She must draw upon her strength and Kitsune gifts to ensure she survives or those she loves will suffer.

With each passing day, her resolve begins to weaken and without Devyn to guide her, Karina wonders if she has made the biggest mistake of her life. Was all that she sacrifice worth the love she fought for? Will her spirit be broken?

Snarled in a supernatural war, Karina is on a task to earn her next tail.

© 2012 by J.L. Weil. All Rights Reserved.


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