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USA Today Best Selling Author, J.L. WEIL, brings you a fantasy world of secrets, blood, and magic were all the lines have blurred.




In a world of secrets, blood, and magic, all the lines have blurred.

On the last day of summer, Skylar Smoake stands on the edge of Silent Bend. The black sky cracks with the angry sound of thunder and flashes blue as lightning strikes. Crying out into the turbulent storm, Sky lashes against the evil that has threatened her division for generations—the creatures who took everything from her—the Berkano vampires.

Sky is one of the Charmed, her powers ancient, derived from Braywen the sorceress of Glenn the Gaelics. Her duty is to a secret coven vowed to protect Division Fourteen. Trust has never been easy for Sky, not in a world where magic is shunned but necessary. She finds herself drawn to a man with secrets and a hidden past she is determined to unearth.

Zavier Cross is like no man Sky has ever encountered. With silvers eyes that shine like starlight, and a smirk she finds both charming and irritation, Zavier is a distraction she can’t afford.

The vampire, Lilith, has been seeking a witch. Biding her time in the tunnels under the city, she waits poised to attack. The tension between the Bitten and the Charmed could crumble Frisco Bay, and seeking revenge is all Sky can taste.

Caught in a battle for the fate of Division Fourteen, Sky must fortify her gifts and trust the one man who has the power to crush her heart…for the ancient tides have awaken.

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